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  • Sat, 01:35: RT @ToonBoom: 39th Annie Awards Live-Stream on Toon Boom website
  • Sat, 10:55: Tetris + History= awesome it appears. I found this video pretty entertaining and catchy:
  • Sat, 12:34: Log on to SL after a long time & forgot I had a MLP:FiM avatar on, the sim I'm in is no longer a MLP:FiM sim, & I'm in the middle of people
  • Sat, 12:35: Anyone else going to try to watch the Annie Awards tonight? ^_^
  • Sat, 16:51: Fun question: If you were the president of the USA what is the first thing you would do and how/why?
  • Sat, 17:28: For my animationt what breed of dog do you think I should use? It will either have to be a small or younger dog. Golden Retreaver pup maybe?
  • Sat, 17:30: Anyone else watching the 39th Annie Awards Live-Stream on Toon Boom tonight? ^_^
  • Sat, 17:54: Thought this was pretty funny. Those that don't like #MLPFiM probably will like it more but I liked it. ^_^


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