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My tweets
  • Sun, 17:55: Deciding an Animation Project to Tackle, Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • Sun, 18:02: Hmm, think I'll go to Wing Stop for dinner. Then pick up groceries.Hopefully I'll come up with more inspiration for animation while I'm out.
  • Sun, 18:03: Do you know what isle the inspiration is on in the 99 cent only store or a regular grocery store? XP
  • Sun, 21:17: If you have a moment I could really use all the feedback I can get:
  • Sun, 21:26: That damn song by the Flim Flam Brothers is way to damn catchy. D= #MLPFiM
  • Sun, 22:58: Well if you can't take a couple minuets to give me feedback on any of the ideas here could you RT so someone else can?
  • Mon, 08:10: Pleas RT: Looking for feedback for an animation project, please help:
  • Mon, 09:56: Why is it when I try to get input for a project like this through twitter or something it's like pulling teeth? v_v


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